Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Look Back at April

This past month was fun but also tough because it meant getting back to work after almost two weeks off of work (visiting Toronto and vacationing in Mexico)!  We also experienced a crazy snowstorm in the second and third week (what?!) when we thought we were done with all that silliness.

In April I jumped on board the denim vest trend, did two photoshoots with Place d'Orleans for a contest they are currently running and ran into some car problems (with my new ride; all is well now). 

I decided to see if I could give up Gluten, rocked various combinations of stud earrings (#acoearswag) & a men's chambray-ish shirt.  I made a mint maxi dress, rocked arm parties like nobody's business and started planning my sister's baby shower (she's having a boy!).

I hosted friends for dinner (which made me nervous to cook for four), was featured on a poster at the mall (results of the photoshoot) and did a 300 metre hike to the top at Luskville Falls.

I went without tights, played in my first volleyball tournament (and won gold!), attended a wine & cheese party and welcomed Spring--finally!--with a rooftop BBQ.

Other look-backs:


Place d'Orleans Spring Promo Photoshoot {part 2}

As promised, here is a behind-the-scenes peek at day two of the Place d'Orleans Spring Promo Photoshoot.  This day was fun as I felt more comfortable with the majority of the outfits as I liked them.  If you like something, you will generally feel more comfortable in it, right?  Same goes for modelling the clothes (surprise, surprise).

We shot six different complete looks from various stores, which I'll list below.  I loved some of the items so much, I even went back and purchased a few (the denim vest above, the light turquoise/mint chinos below but in a baby yellow and some bangles). 

Shooting the looks took just under three hours and are being used for a contest the mall is currently running to give four people the opportunity to win $500 to spend at the mall (see all the deets HERE)!

 Shoes (some mine, some borrowed)  |  Stylists hard at work  |  Some of the accessories

Not everything is what it seems:  this dress from Laura, although beautiful, was too big for me--and the smaller size not available--so it was clamped up the back!

Photographer: Brent Gervais
Stylist: Renée Morra
Stylist's Assistant: Danyelle James
Mall: Place d'Orleans


Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Trends 2013: Denim Vests

Denim vests are ha-uge for this Spring / Summer and I was a little weery about two months ago but now I'm kind of obsessed. 

I picked up the bottom right vest last week and decided to return the one I had initially purchased (you can see it in my Hottest Spring Trends vlog HERE).  Now I'm on the hunt for another one despite not even wearing mine yet!

I love the idea of pairing this over a sweet sundress with gladiator sandals or go totally Coachelle/music-festival inspired with booties.  I think it'd be sweet with black pants and a skimpy tank underneath too.  I love it so much I think I'm going to order the red one from F21 for a coloured take on this trend.  (I also really love the one from Delia's with the off-set zipper and great wash; so feminine, which I gravitate towards).

Denim vest:  will you rock it?


Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday afternoon my bestie and I hit up Montana's for lunch and I ordered the steak salad (my fave because it comes with these little crusted-deep-fried jalepenos on top.  And steak, of course).

Friday night I did some shopping and picked up the things you see above plus more (which I will share in an upcoming vlog).  See me in the denim jacket HERE.

On Saturday, we played in a pairs volleyball tournament.  We played six games and went to the finals. We won our sixth game and placed first and got gold medals (such a surprise!).

...afterwards, we went out for burgers to celebrate.
"Lettuce, tomatoes, mustard & extra pickles please."

On Saturday night I went to a wine & cheese party... sort of... I say sort of because it turned into more of a wine & UFC party.
Outfit deets:  Marshalls top (can't remember the brand but it's new), Roxy denim (old) & H&M necklace (old).

A friend made these amazing canapés with fois gras, goat cheese, cherry tomatos and a few other decadent ingredients.

On Sunday morning my bestie and I had plans to meet for breakfast.  She suggested we invite my parent's along since we were in the neighbourhood.  I didn't eat that toast.

Afterwards we hit up Value Village and did some scouring.  I'm going to vlog what I bought but here's what I wore (yes, those pants again, but I misplanned, ran late, wasn't home and blah blah blah.  I never re-wear items without washing them--kind of anal like that--so not sure what got into me here).
Outfit deets:  Men's G21 (Walmart) tee with rolled sleeves, Roxy denim, hi-top wedges, Urban Planet belt, H&M necklace & Pier 1 ring.

Sunday night was a rooftop and a BBQ and some new friends which was really fun.  Summer and warm weather is finally here and we all took full advantage of.

 My guy's best girl pal lives in a beautiful condo downtown and her balcony is awesome.
Outfit deets:  Old Navy tee (old), Max Studio skirt (I wore almost this exact outfit while picking up myu impounded car last summer.  Read that story HERE.) & Alfred Sung shades.

Grilled zuchinni, roasted potates & BBQ chicken.  #whodoesntlovesummer


Friday, April 26, 2013

A Mini Recap of the Past Week

Sorry for the delay on today's post, I was out for volleyball last night and then drinks and food afterwards and the night got away and next thing I knew it was 2am and I was still awake with an 8am workday ahead of me!  On top of that, work was insane today and I continued the busyness into the evening and well, here we are, almost midnight!

So I thought I would share with you a mini recap of this week because... well, why not?  Plus, I love sharing with you all and some interesting things happened, so, here we go...

On Monday, during our lunch hour, my bestie and I decided to forgo our usual lunch hour workout in favour of shopping--who doesn't love that?!--and I ended up picking up these cute diamante skull earrings from Payless Shoes in a six pack (we split the pack, sort of, as I only wanted these ones so she kept the others).

On Tuesday, I took Kiki to the dealership for a planned appointment and they sent me on my way with a loaner for the day (yes, I call her Kiki).  When I picked her up, she was driving smooth, but just a couple hours later all panic ensued while on my way home when she started to break down on the highway just before midnight on my way home.  I managed to get off the highway safely and since I could not drive her (over-heated), I got a tow back to the dealership I was at only hours earlier. 

So.  Frustrating. 

This is a picture of her being dropped off at 1am.  Oh what a night.

The next day I was so happy to have her back, I took a celebratory pic on my way to work.  Haha, I'm still so excited about my car, but then again, it's only been two months since I got her.

On Thursday, Sarah and I finally got our acts together and hit the gym (not sure why, but we've been totally slacking this week!) and had a really good (ie. difficult & sweaty) workout.  Later that evening we played volleyball (as we normally do on Thursday nights with our men).

And tonight I hit up Place d'Orleans to do some shopping and hunt down a few items for my next vlog.  I ended up returning the denim vest I got from Garage in my last vlog and exchanged it for this washed out denim jacket; I love it!  

Oh, and the reason I returned the denim vest?  Because I found one I love even more (despite being $25 more) at Boathouse that we used for the PDO photoshoot.  I love, love, love the wash on it and the pink inner lined cuffs and the distressing; perfection.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Neon + "Chambray"

Outfit deets:
* American Eagle men's button down (on sale!) which I showed in my PDO Hottest Spring Trends vlog (I'm wearing a size small).
* Stitches neon skirt which I wore a ton last summer and will again this summer.
* Aldo wedges (new!) which you've seen with distressed denim and also in a different PDO Spring Trends vlog.
* Accessories:  Gucci shades, F21 bangle, Aldo leather cuff, BCBG 'Picses' beaded bracelet, Suzy Shier leather strap & F21 bangle.

Happy Thursday!

I'm so excited to share with you guys that I finally welcomed myself to 2013 by getting an Inernet connection for home. 

I know.

Since moving to my apartment in October 2011, I've pirated a connection and when that ran out, I started tethering my iPhone to my laptop for about a year.  Unfortunately, this stopped working many months ago (not sure why).  I've found ways around it, but it's certainly not ideal and I had researched getting Internet at home a while back, but the set up and modem and whatever else you need was pricey and I didn't want to bite the bullet (what?! Weirdo.).  Anyways, it's done and I'm hooked up and I'm just so, so excited.  Seems weird for someone who is as in love with social media as I, but there you have it.

On top of that, this was one of the rare days I did not have a commute shoe (or boot, for winter).  I normally wear flats into work and then change into my heels, but on this day, I wore my heels everywhere (to and from work and for a stop in at the grocery store.  Booyah).  Granted, these are a wedge and wedges that are comfortable to walk in and my foot stays put.  I used to wear heels everywhere, even for shopping, but now I cannot be bothered (which makes me feel a little sad and like I'm 'letting myself go', but then I remember that I can't be bothered).  It is a rare day if I'm out running errands in heels; I just love being comfortable, especially in my footwear. 

This is as close as I'm getting to the chambray trend because I. Don't. Like. It.  Okay fine, it's growing on me.  Truth is, I purchased a chambray button down almost four years ago when the trend trickled into stores, wore it once, tried dying it darker, it didn't work out and I donated it.  Since then, I've been off the bandwagon and the trend has only been growing.  I know, I know, 'You can pair it with everything!' but it's not for me.

Watch me bite my tongue in a month.


Do you squat or sit?

When I was little, my mom taught me the art that is squatting when using a public washroom.  As I got older, I basically said F-this-noise and began covering the seat with toilet paper and sitting instead.  I couldn't be bothered to get a leg workout--relalistically, people--while trying to pee.

That said, I would never not at least wipe the seat so it always surprises me when people just run in and sit down.  A friend of mine once did that without looking and sat in someone else's pee (ick!), so I always check.

Do you squat or sit?  Are you diligent like me about wiping the seat?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I think these might be it, you guys! You know I'm having a strappy sandal moment right now, ones with a prominent ankle strap and have still been debating those Express ones.  I think these might be it though; four colours to choose from, the two above are my faves. 

Which colour would you pick?

UPDATE:  Use Ebates & get 6% cash back on these babies!  Plus get an additional 15% off with coupon code SMAPR1.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toronto Fashion Week Vlog

In March 2013 my BFF and I travelled to Toronto, courtesy of Maybelline, to attend World Mastercard Fashion Week.  It was so fun to go backstage, get our hair and make-up done and attend the shows.  In between fashion and runways we ate a ton, explored the city and did some shopping.  Check out the vlog to see the full experience.

* Hello from Toronto! (An explanation of how we won this fab trip)


Win $500 to Place d'Orleans! (The results of the photoshoots I did)

As you guys know, I did a photoshoot for Place d'Orleans (the mall I'm the Fashion Vlogger for) the past two weekends for a Spring contest they are currently running.  I'm excited to share the details with you and if you're from Ottawa, encourage you to enter because you could win a $500 gift card for the mall!

Entering is easy, simply visit the Place d'Orleans Facebook page and Pin your favourite look (of three) I'm wearing.  From there, they will pick one winner per week.  We will be showcasing three looks each week for four weeks!  That's $2000 worth of shopping up for grabs, so get Pinning!  #PDOPinUpGirls

See all the details from my photoshoot HERE.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

So much happened this weekend and I wanted to blog on the weekend but I don't have an Internet connection at home anymore (tethering isn't working; so frustrating) and blogging from my phone is not ideal.  I have so much more to share (specifically pictures from my photoshoot on Saturday, the actual contest that the photoshoot is for and more pictures of our hike yesterday).  Here is a glimpse of what my weekend was like...

A casual outfit for getting a (spray) tan.  The quote on the mirror say, 'Let your faith be bigger than your fear'.  They always write sweet & inspiring quotes on the mirrors at the tanning salon I go to, which sometimes brightens my day.
Outfit deets:  Dynamite jacket, Max Studio light-knit sweater, Garage tank underneath, Mossimo pants & Aldo wedge boots.

 Stuffed chicken--feta, cheddar, basil & pesto--with a basil-cream sauce, asparagus and roasted potatos.

 My dinner guests brought a sweet surprise:  peanut butter cookies with chocolate stamped centres.

I added a banana to my oatmeal for the first time as per recommendation of a friend, but I didn't like it.  Back to berries!

Showing off the poster I'm on at the mall!  So exciting to see the results of last week's photoshoot come to life.

Saturday I did part two of the photoshoot for Place d'Orleans, which was fun.  I really loved this Coachella-inspired look (especially the denim vest; which makes me even more excited to wear mine!).

Coming home to a clean apartment is so nice (that's what happens when you're having company, you clean like a mad women.  This does not include the looming six loads of laundry waiting for me tonight.  #ugh).

I wore my new maxi dress to a Jesus-themed birthday party on Saturday night.  I made a leaf crown (see below), wore gold jewelery, cage heels & decided I was Eve.
Sidenote:  I sewed the hemline a little too long so even with my highest heels, it's not quite right.  I will be shortening it a bit, but since I didn't have time before the party, I simply knotted it off to the side at the front.

I threw in my extensions and did a bubble braid off to the side.  I loved how this turned out and plan to wear this a ton this summer.

Even though I'm kind of off gluten right now (more on that later this week), I can not resist a good burger.  You guys know I love burgers!

After the birthday dinner, as we were leaving, I met Melissa, a reader of my blog!  It was so exciting as it was the first time anyone 'recognized' me; so cool.  Thanks for making my night, M!

On Sunday, I went for my first hike ever at Luskville Falls.  It was a very difficult hike and a great workout, although scary at times since it was so steep.

 The view from almost the top; so beautiful and picturesque!

 Taking a break on the way down (which might have been scarier than going up, I'm still undecided.

Another burger (I know! Eep!) but definitely earned after two hours of hiking.  #thatisnotmypoutine

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