Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello hello!  I'm back from Barbados (as of late last Thursday) and spent my remaining three days off catching up on stuff around the house, laundry, unpacking, and of course some fun and shopping in there too.  

I'm still going through the over-500 photos I took, but I promise to narrow it down and will share a travel-diary tomorrow.  I also took tons of video and am currently working on a recap of the trip that I will try to keep under three minutes (to some fun island music).

Thank you so much for being patient with my lack of posts for a week--I know that can be annoying or frustrating, but at the same time, it's the first time in over four years where I went on vacation and truly kicked back and didn't schedule posts--which was kind of nice.  I definitely felt a little guilty and you guys were always on my mind, but hopefully we kept in touch through Instagram at least (see our IG vacation album here).

Anyway, without further adieu, here is a peek at my weekend...

 Long nails--sort of!  I think going on vacation with a manicure helped me stop picking at my nails knowing I didn't have nail polish remover to take it off once it chipped.  I did bring a bottle of the polish I wore--Essie's, e-nuf is e-nuf--for quick touch-ups, but when I got home it was exciting to see some length.  In this photo I'm wearing OPI's, Lincoln Park at Midnight which is one of my faves.

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A couple photos from the ocean...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hello!  I know it's been a few days since I've checked in but I'm seriously enjoying this vacation and trying to disconnect as much as possible (I mean, besides sharing photos to Instagram every time I get a wifi connection and checking my Facebook when we come back to our home-away-from-home for naps).  I had planned to share a weekend recap with you but I think it's best if I just group the photos together for a Barbados recap instead, once I'm back.

Today was our last full day as we leave tomorrow afternoon.  We got up around 9am and Marco and I went to breakfast on our own to a cute little spot up the St. Lawrence Gap called Happy Days.  From there, we padded down to the beach where our friends slowly joined us and we alternated between lying on the beach and swimming in the ocean--what a life, right?  The biggest worry: what to eat next.  I don't want vacation to end!

On that note, I'll let you go as it's official nap-time here at the house which I've been partaking in on the daily despite not being a huge nap person.  Tonight we're headed out for (more) Bajan food and to see some live music.  Hope you're having a great week!

Photos taken from video via the GoPro.

Hello from Barbados!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sorry for the radio silence, I have been busy preparing for our trip to Barbados!  We arrived yesterday afternoon and have been taking in the sun and sand.  

We are here with five of our friends for a full on vacation and it is so hot (no air conditioning in the house either, except the bedrooms, which is great for sleeping).  We spent the day yesterday at the beach and watched the sunset, came home, got ready and went to dinner at Rude Boys.  We had authentic Bajan food and it was so good.  Most of us called an early night so we were fully refreshed this morning to spend the day at the beach.  

The water here is crystal turquoise and blue, the sand is super soft and fine and the locals are uber friendly.  We sipped on beers all afternoon while hanging out in the ocean, every so often grabbing shade under an umbrella on the beach.  Later we grabbed flying fish sandwiches at a shack bar at the beach.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little bit toasted today, but it was worth the fun afternoon!

Tonight we are headed to a fish fry and later on a party on the beach with an all-you-can-drink party!  Should be a great time and can't wait to try more of their amazing food on this island.

Follow along on Instagram (I'm acoest1984) and check out our unique vacation hashtag #brilliantbarbadosbreakaway for photos from me and my friends too.

Building My Walk-In Closet

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My closet-office room is the second bedroom in our condo and was built using the Ikea Stolmen system, which is completely customized to whatever you like.

We chose to go with three sections as it was important for me to have lots of hanging space for tops and a longer hanging area for dresses.  I needed shelves for folded pants and accessories, and then we put shelves across the top to house shoes.  

The initial plan was to install drawers but they were too deep so we returned them and picked up the cubbies instead.  I had the faux black leather boxes already (from Loblaws) which fit perfectly into the spaces.

Overall the build took a few days and turned out great. I use the built-in closet in the room for jackets, skirts and to tuck away sweat pants, leggings, swimsuits in various boxes, etc.  I recently added a mirror and artwork to the room too so it's really coming together and will share more updates soon.

As always, thanks for watching! xo

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Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Monday, October 6, 2014

We have been living at our place for seven months now and the bed, despite being new, is something that has felt unfinished (see our bedroom tour here).  We had purchased a new Hotel Collection duvet cover (style is called, 'Frame'), but didn't get matching shams because I wanted to find something less expensive, less matchy-matchy, but also that worked in the space.  On top of that, other expenses took precedent.  All that said, I finally finished our bed last week and even found some art work to hang above it.  

The three Euro pillows (with cases) were found at Home Sense, the black damask stripe King pillow cases are from Home Outfitters, the black ruffle pillows is old and from Home Sense, and the white fur and grey woven pillow are both from Bouclair.  I've had that furry, black throw for years and it works well as it's become Eve's favourite place to lie (and we no longer use it for ourselves, ha).  

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