Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marshalls Haul

I recorded this video back at the beginning of May but haven't had the chance to upload it.  Since I tether my Internet connection with my iPhone, uploading videos to YouTube takes days.  Seriously.  So, the other day while at my sister's place, I used her wireless to upload this video and my thrifting haul.  This one is a little late, but hey, better late than never, right?  Happy weekend!

I ended up returning a few of the items shown in the video:
* The reversible orange/pink dress
* The black hi-low dress


Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Leather Ankle Cuff / Strap

I have been ogling the Isabel Marant's Gava heels for a while now but they aren't in the budget.  I love the thick ankle strap and decided to make my own.  Here's how I did it:

* Faux leather or vinyl (find this at your local craft/bead store or cut up an old flimsy belt)
* Velcro
* Scissors
 Cut your faux leather as thick as you'd like. After cutting one, trace the other and cut.

Measure around your ankle to ensure the length is good.
Measure out your velcro pieces, just slightly less wide than your strap.

Attach the rough pieces of velcro to the outside of your leather.
Attach the fuzzy side to the underside.


If you have straps already on your shoes, you could wear both together for a different look...

Or cut some suede cord and wrap it around...

Don't forget to try pairing your new leather ankle straps with various shoes...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mixed Greens

 Outfit deets:
* American Eagle cardigan, fairly new but was on super sale & you've seen once before with a skirt and my neon orange Louboutins.
* Sirens top (new!), I picked this up about a month ago and have already worn it twice (including the day my J.Crew bubble necklaces arrived in the mail).  I love the colour, the ruffle and there is a zipper detail (and another ruffle) on the back.  
* H&M white denim pants that I've worn with lots of colour on Easter.
* Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' wedges (new!) that I've already worn at least four times since getting less than two weeks ago.
* Accessories:  Suzy necklace, Gucci shades, Old Navy (green) bangle, garage sale charm bracelet & F21 faux diamond bangle.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifting Haul

View on YouTube

Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' Wedges

After seeing these shoes online I had to splurge and get them.  I'm loving a lower wedge lately and these fit the bill perfectly.

So I need to talk about ShopBop.  

I have never ordered anything through them before, but found the best deal on their website for these shoes (based on: price, (free) shipping & delivery time).  I was even able to use Ebates and get 2.5% cash back, so that's always great.  

Their return policy is great as well, as they pay for returns, which means it's almost hassle free when you purchase something: free shipping and free returns if it doesn't work out.

I place my order on a Tuesday morning and they were in my hands by Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday afternoon!

I'm utterly shocked at how quickly I got my parcel, especially since I live in Canada and that always tends to take longer (distance + customs).  I'm so immediately impressed with this company and will definitely shop with them again.  Have you ever shopped with ShopBop?

Update:  A commenter informed me that the return shipping is not free (I misread this since I haven't returned anything to know from experience) so my mistake, you do have to pay to return your item(s).  Thanks for the heads up anon!

* I am in no way affiliated with ShopBop, I'm simply impressed and really excited I got shoes that I ordered online in 24 hours!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Weekend breakfast out (my fave).

I'm looking to buy a condo & saw this potential place on Friday.

Thrifting on Friday night 
(and keeping my eyes open for a denim jacket for my girl friend.  Not this one though).

Fresh strawberries (summertime!).

Serious lashes on Saturday night. 

I managed to capture lightening on my camera!

Saturday brunch & shopping (half) outfit.
Outfit deets: F21 top, Sirens shorts & Aldo wedges.

Extra dirty.

My parents surprised me with a maple-bacon doughnut at work 
on Friday from a gourmet doughnut shop in town.

Saturday night.
Outfit deets:  F21 dress (old), Aldo wedges, Brave Leather belt & Maurizio Tatuti clutch.

Patio season.

Breakfast (I always get the same thing.  Well, almost always).


Friday, June 22, 2012


Outfit deets:
* Mexx bubble top (old).
* Winners crochet skirt (new!), layered over a (aqua) Costa Blanca gauzy skirt I've had for a year but hadn't ripped the tags off until this day.  The crochet skirt has a same-colour slip/lining but it's somewhat translucent so I tucked that under the aqua skirt
* Kelsi Dagger 'Genelle' wedges (new!) that I scored at Winners for half the price they currently retail for.
* Accessories:  J.Crew necklace & Joe Fresh bangle (these two seem to go hand-in-hand).

In all my life, I never experienced anxiety.  I knew people who had it, touched it, felt it, but not me.  I didn't understand how it felt or why they couldn't shake it or what was going on in their bodies, that is, until I went through my divorce.

In the months leading up to us separating, I was panged with anxiety.  A 'perfect' life turned upside down, being pulled in opposite directions and my heart fighting with my head caused major anxiety to ensue.  I remember being in the shower trying to catch my breath and being unable to.  I finally understood what people meant when they said they suffered from anxiety.

The shortness of breath and jitter-like feelings came and went.  Some days I would be fine, other days it would come on suddenly like the snap of fingers.  It was incurable, and it simply had to be lived through. 

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my mom on the phone, all teary eyed and upset, I couldn't shake my anxiety over whatever emotions were passing through my body.  I confessed to her that I had never had anxiety before and she said up until the separation, my life had been a fairly flat line.  Not a flat line that was boring or unexciting, no no, there were many happy, exciting, wonderful times, but there were no real devastating times that crushed me to the core and shook me like my divorce has.  In a way, I should be so grateful to have experienced this wonderful life up until the ripe age of 27, but at the same time, facing anxiety has been, well, interesting, to say the least (and to put an optimistic spin on it).

And now, although much time has passed and I have moved forward and am in a pretty great place, the anxiety still rears its' ugly head every now and again and it's funny how not alone you really are.  A text from a good friend the other day sparked this post as she wrote to me, 'Do you ever get an insane amount of anxiety for no real reason at all?'  My answer? Yes (in big bold letters!).  On top of that, I had been feeling anxious all morning for no real reason. 

I know I have talked about feeling anxious over the Internet and Social Media, and maybe you can bundle them all together, but sometimes I feel they are so separate and the worry that overwhelms me is simply hard to get rid of.  When I can't sleep, I try to make small notes in my iPhone; this 1) ensures I don't forget things come morning, and 2) allows me to let go of the things on my mind so I can sleep.  These notes are silly little things as simply as, 'Pick up tissue paper at the Dollar Store.  Clean the zippers on my OTK boots so they don't stick over the summer months.  Return the F21 top that doesn't fit.' etc.  They seem to help. 

The most recent thing I have come up with to battle my anxiety is to relax my knees.  Okay, I know this sounds a little bit absurd, but if you suffer from anxiety, I urge you to try it.  You need to really focus on your knees to relax them and in turn your whole body kind of exhales.  Our bodies get so tense throughout the day, especially if you're anxious, so to take even 15 seconds to relax your knees, will at least offer 15 seconds of relief.  Try it, I dare you!

Have you ever experienced anxiety?  Known someone who has?  Do you get what I'm talking about?


Thursday, June 21, 2012

2011 Summer Favourites

A look back at a few of my favourite outfits from this time last year...


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vince Camuto 'Kastern' Sandals

Look what just arrived in the mail!  So exciting.  Something I was coveting is now mine. 

The best part?  I saved a good $50 by purchasing online, versus in store (see pic below, which I snapped a couple weekends ago after I had ordered these).  Here's how I did it:

1.  I logged into Ebates to check and see if the store I wanted to purchase from (Designs by Stephene) was there.  It was and with 6% cash back (that's huge!).
2.  I clicked on Designs by Stephene, on Ebates, and was transferred to the store.
3.  I added the Vince Camuto 'Kastern' sandals to my bag.
4.  I checked Retail Me Not for a coupon code and found one for 20% off.
5.  I applied the coupon code to my purchase and checked out.
6.  I received my shoes in the mail a couple weeks later and a cheque from Ebates shortly thereafter.
Shoes in store: $145.  Shoes online: $98.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wearing Colour

Outfit deets:
* Alexandre Bartlett top from Winners (old)
* Mexx bubble skirt (old) that's been worn with a navy and baby blue colour blocked top
* Accessories: J.Crew necklace & Joe Fresh bangle

Colour explosion!

When I wore this outfit I felt like I was wearing a lot of colour.  Looking at the photos now?  Not so much.

I think in person though. rocking three brights at once is not something that comes easy for most.  It certainly doesn't for me.  Wearing one bright is enough, two is slightly intimidating and three is something I never thought I'd go for... until now.

I've been pushing my 'fashion box' limits lately, and wearing lots of colour is part of that.  I used to be a big neutral person, but I'm trying to take advantage of the big colour-blocking (and neon) trend that is happening for this spring and summer.  It's actually gotten to the point where I'm now no longer even wanting to wear neutrals!  I am constantly going for the colours in my closet, versus the black and greys.  Success!

How do you feel about wearing a lot of colour ?

Later that day, some girlfriends and I went out for a movie and drinks, so I slipped on my neon pink shorts and kept the rest of the outfit the same.  Now how's that for adding even more colour!

Other ways I've multiple colours:
* Bright accessories: shades, pashmina & necklace
* Purple dress, orange necklace (a suggestion from a friend)
* Watermelon colours (I love this)
* The 'Easter threw up on me' outfit


Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap: iPhone snaps

Friday night Walmart shopping: testing out loungers
Shoes:  Nine West & DIY cap-toe flats
Friday night dinner with my girl friend

Saturday pool day with the BFF

An Old Navy eyelet dress I've had for years and finally ripped the tags off to use as a bikini cover-up

Carbing up before a Saturday night out

Saturday night
Outfit deets:  Joe Fresh dress (worn backwards), Pure Simple bandeau,  
Sam Edelman wedges, Auslini bangle & vintage (thrifted) clutch

"Safety first"

Piper & I at Fathers' Day Brunch
Outfit deets:  Pink Rose maxi dress, old Suzy Shier top cut up & made into a bandeau & Dollarama hoops

Breakfast pizza (like last year)

Annnnd, a funny video we made on Saturday night...

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