The Holiday season is upon us and I can't believe we're only a week out from Christmas!

Today I'm sharing my Holiday Lookbook video--my favourite video to put together each year!  If you follow me on Facebook, you've already seen this but love to share it here as well.  I've put together six, different outfits that will take you from holiday party, to Christmas dinner all the way through to New Years Eve and the countdown!

Hope you enjoy & as always, thanks for watching! 

Who struggles with what to buy the men in their life?  I certainly do, especially when it comes to the boyfriend.  You'd think I would have that down by now but really, what do you get the person that has everything?

So today I've rounded up several items for the man in your life from $30 to $500 to help take the guess work out of of gift giving and score some major points with the guys you buy for.

Happy shopping! xo

Hi ladies!  How many of you are heading to a holiday party, want special hair but don't know what to do?

I find this time of year is especially the time of year for undoes and pulling out all the stops.  That said, today I'm sharing a video on a half-up half-down do that is perfect for a festive party, but also not so complex that you can't do it.

The key to the look is adding extensions to give volume and length, but you could do this without them if it's not in your budget or you aren't comfortable with them.  That said, I do quickly show how I clip in my extensions at the beginning of the video so hopefully that helps.

Click below to watch the video...

Happy December ladies!  Who is getting excited for the holidays?  I have started my shopping but have a ways to go.  We have a bunch of holiday get togethers with friends and family in the coming month which will be fun (with tons of food treats--one of the best parts of the holidays, right?).
Like last year, I'm doing Vlogmas again this December, which is essentially vlogging everyday for the month.  I'll be sharing daily activities along with the parties we attend and various things leading up to Christmas.  I am debating whether I should share the videos here everyday, as well as regular posts.

Today I'm sharing a huge Forever 21 Red haul with tons of Fall and athletic fashion.  We just had a new store open up at Place d'Orleans so of course I had to check it out and I scored big time.  I explain what F21 Red is all about in the video as well as share a few clips of what the store looks like, if you'd like to see.

As always, thanks for watching & happy shopping.

Hi ladies!  Today I'm sharing another video on layering up for colder weather & some of my favourite new pieces.  

I love this time of year, before the snow flies, where we can rock all the cute, lighter layers without being completely covered in a parka.  Now is the time to pull out and show off your layers and rock suede footwear.  Also, if you're in the market for some new beanies, I'm sharing my current fave in the video--they are so comfy and at a great price point too.

Click more to watch the video...

Hi ladies!  A few of you ask me what I like to do at the gym and I'm a big fan of lifting heavy weights.  I've been lifting for over two years and even more seriously since May.  I'm finally starting to see some muscle build and definition--but still a long way to go.

I know lifting weights can be intimidating, it was for me because I was such a cardio fanatic for many years.  That said, now I really enjoy lifting weights and for the first time in my life, my body is slowly starting to change.   I wanted to share with you what I do, as it's pretty simple, in a video below...

Hi ladies!  Not sure if you remember back in August when I did the photoshoot with Place d'Orleans but today I'm sharing the on-set footage I took during the day.  

We shot all day long, and three campaigns: Fall, Winter & Holiday.  The Fall campaign is currently up on their website, Facebook page, transit shelters around the city and the mall doors.

I wanted to vlog the day so I could share with you what goes on behind-the-scenes.  To say this is a normalcy would be far from the truth.  I'm no model and this was a super cool experience that certainly doesn't happen everyday.  Kudos to the real models out there because that is a difficult job.

As always, thanks for watching!

Today I'm sharing a requested video I made for the kind of shoes to wear with flared pants.  I'm beating a dead horse in telling you I'm loving this trend, but it's true!  That said, finding the right thing to pair with them--especially after living in a skinny jeans world for so many years--can be a challenge.

I wanted to share a variety of shoes that can be worn with flares--making them extremely versatile and easy to style.  Don't be intimidated, you can totally pull this trend off.  

My number one tip...

Today I'm sharing my favourite Fall fashion trends!  I'm so excited because this is easily my favourite season and since it goes so quickly, I will be trying to cash in on any opportunity to rock these trends.

I'm loving the side-slit top trend and already have a couple--they pair really nicely over skinny pants or shorts while it's still warm.  Large, wool, floppy hats are becoming a staple in my closet (seen here with a more Summer outfit) and I'm loving the tan suede we are seeing pop up everywhere!  

Plaid is something I'm warming up to and I had initially pulled mostly red plaid but after trying on the one in the video, it was a no brainer!  It's a little different and reminds me of this Rails one, but at a much more affordable price point.

As always, thanks for watching!

Hi ladies!  I know a lot of you are heading back, or are already back, in school.  When I think of BTS, I think style & comfort, which was what I kept in mind while shopping for this video.  I love the idea of looking good but being relaxed in your clothes, especially when you're sitting in class for hours on end.

Today I'm sharing some of my favourite pieces that I would wear if I was going back to school and how I'd style them together.  Lastly, I'm so excited flares are popping up in stores--I have several pairs in my closet, because I have always loved them, but having more options is awesome.

Thanks for watching!  xo

Last month, if you remember from the Weekend Recap, 18 of us rented a cottage in Fiddler Lake through Platinum Club for a weekend.  We had a small, private pool, hot tub, sauna and tons of bedrooms for everyone to sleep. 
It was definitely a great, mini, Summer vacation that I think everyone was looking forward to.  Of course I took footage while we were there so I could create a little recap video to remember it by.
Thanks for watching! xo

Today's post is all about a super hot make-up technique right now: strobing.

Essentially, it's highlighting to the max, and not contouring... but I definitely still go in with the bronzer so I have colour and glow.

The technique is super simple, and I'm showing you how with drugstore products.  Ultimately, you want to highlight any areas of your face that light would reflect from it; the high points of your cheekbones, brown bone, temples, the bridge of your nose, cupid's bow, etc.  

One final tip: strobing is going to make the features you highlight really pop and come forward.  If you want to recede a feature, darken it, to bring it forward, highlight.

Check out the video to see how I achieve the look.


Things I mentioned:

I'm so pumped for this video slash this day because I went wake-boarding for the first time and did it!  I had tried once before, maybe 10 years ago but couldn't get up, and today, on my first try, I got up.  Success!  I think all those weekends spent snowboarding during the winter and incorporating heavy weights into my workout routine has paid off.

So the jist of the day is that friends invited a bunch of us out on their boat for a day of wake-boarding and wake-surfing.  It was super hot, sunny and a perfect day to be on the water--what a treat!  We all took turns and alternated between the two sports.  

I didn't try wake-surfing (ultimately surfing behind the boat, without a rope and no bindings holding you to the board!) but might give it a shot next time.  For now, I'm pretty stoked I managed the board and even took a couple mini jumps, by accident of course, but still landed them.

Thanks for watching! xo

I'm back with another huge fashion haul for Summertime!  I have to admit, I did buy quite a bit of black but they are all Summery pieces--and most of them came in various colours, I just have an affinity to edgier looking pieces, as you know.  

I also think it's perfectly acceptable to rock dark colours during the warmer months, especially when we are seeing such great fabrics right now like crochet, fringe and pom-poms.

Thanks for watching! xo

Shopping for workout clothing has been one of my favourite things over the past six months, not necessarily because I'm working out more, per say, but simply because they're comfortable!

I love checking out Marshalls and Winners as they always have new stock every week and offer some of my favourite brands at great prices.  Since they turnover so quickly, I have to continuously be checking so I don't miss out (haha, what a theory!).

Today I'm sharing a huge, collective workout clothing haul from bottoms, tops, sports bras, etc.  A lot of the items I've purchased are available on line so check out the links below.

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel (I put out new videos every week), you have already seen this video.  If not, today I'm sharing my Italy haul! 

These are the items I purchased during our two-week long trip to Italy back in April.  It's a mixture of clothing, shoes and the biggest purchase: my first designer bag.  I did, however, forget to include these slides (you can see me wearing them here) when I was rounding up all my items--oops!
As usual, thanks for watching! xo
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May has come and gone and today I'm sharing my favourite beauty products (including a new skin care routine I'm loving), fashion and even a book!  Thanks for watching xo

Links to everything I mentioned & more pics below...

If you've been following along for a while, you ladies know I'm a huge shoe lover and what's better than a huge shoes haul?  Shoes and bags!  

I recently picked up some super on-trend pieces that I'm excited to style for now and into the Summer months (hello fringe!).

Thanks so much for watching! xo

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Today I'm sharing how I create my usual, daily winged liner, or cat eye, with liquid liner.  I've been wearing this for years, alternating the thickness of the line depending on how I'm feeling, but it's definitely my go-to look.
I know liquid liner can be a little tricky and a little intimidating, but I'm sharing a secret trick I use, combined with a little patience you'll be getting your feline on in now time.  Check out the video below...

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