Holy smokes, here comes July!  Doesn't it seem like every month we all claim, 'OMG, can you believe it's (insert month here) already?!'  It's hard to believe the longest day of the year has come and gone but summer is just kicking off (thankfully, because we had one helluva long winter here in Ottawa!).
In June I shared the finished (ish) result of my closet - office room.  Marco did an amazing job building a beautiful space for me and I will film a video tour in the coming weeks (aka, as soon as I clean up all my clothes off the floor).
I kicked off the month with a week-long trip to Vegas where temperatures soared above 100F; I did a ton of walking, some shopping and plenty of eating.  I shared what I packed, a Vegas Photo Diary, and some snapshots via Instagram
When we got back, my Dad had generously spent two days polishing my car for me--something I did on my last car when I first bought it, which took me six hours straight.   He knew how much I was dreading doing it again, but I seriously owe him huge and am so thankful.
The following weekend Marco and I popped down to New York state for the day to do some shopping and pick up my new Iro shoes (ordered online in Vegas after trying on the sand suede version).  I also grabbed a few make-up items from Walmart and to recap am really loving that Neutrogena lip gloss (in #40 Gleam).
I shared my pretty-basic skincare routine, rocked some full length overalls and attended the wedding of a good friend (where Marco played the bride down the aisle with his guitar!).  We got our new couch that we had been waiting four months for, I sold my old furniture, worked out almost every day and tried out the slouchy pant trend (spoiler: I'm converted!).
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May has come and gone and it was the first month we finally felt settled in our new place.  After two months of living in boxes and trying to figure out how to amalgamate two places into one, it's finally feeling organized.

Marco's parent's came down at the beginning of the month and we spent the day in Chinatown.  I filmed a video for Clearly Contacts about why I became a #StyleAmbassador and how to pick the perfect frames.  We finished my closet - office room (I'm sharing photos this week of how it looks now!) and I grew my  nails out again (which have since all been bitten off--wah wah).  

I shared a sneak peek of our bedroom (which has a ways to go before it's done) but we did get some new pillows that fit the new bed, so that's pretty nice.  I wore a new palm printed coat, got flowers from a friend and created a new way to store and display my shoes.  

I played a tennis a bunch of times--and have improved a little but might need actual lessons--was sent some really nice flowers and shared my Spring Trends video.  We went to Taco Fest in Ottawa, I shared my new favourite jeans, I purchased some really cool new wedges & kicked my workouts into high gear by going almost daily for the last two weeks of the month.

As always, thanks for being here and reading along.  I love connecting with you, so with that, tell me your favourite May memory in the comments below.

April has come to a close so per usual, here's a recap of what went down.

My guy surprised me and we went to Punta Cana to celebrate my 30th birthday (which was in March), we had a really nice week and I overloaded my Instagram feed with photos.  I shared a few pieces I purchased for the trip, rocked my new overalls and brought my new kimono.

When we came back, I shared my favourite hi-tops, rocked a statement necklace and filmed my next PDO video (which will go live in early May).  I wore the crap out of my acid wash raw-hem jeans (on weekends), started to grow my nails again (#nailbiter), and my guy built me a closet at our new place.  I washed my car for the first time this season (woohoo!) and Marco got me a new tennis racket (um, lessons anyone?).

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March was an emotional and stressful month with lots of changes and excitement.  At the beginning of the month, my best friend Sarah welcomed her baby boy whom I met on his birthday.  We had our new bed delivered, I cleaned out my old closet and organizede.the new on.  We officially moved on March 8th and woke up the next morning to a beautiful view.

I did a ton of unpacking, bought some cut-out heels from Aldo and some lace-up heels I was coveting for almost a year from Le Chateau.  Emily sent me flowers as an early birthday gift / congrats-on-moving, my Grammy made me fingerless gloves and I saw some muscle definition in my arms (what!).

I celebrated my big 30th birthday, with family in February and with friends at an amazing party thrown by Marco on the actual day (see a recap of the weekend).  I shared a few outfits and got down to business filming my most recent haul/try-on video.

Bring on March and the last few days of my twenties!  (whoa)

In February I celebrated Sarah's bump with her family, visited Marco's family in Kingston and made  few H&M purchases while there.  I bought a couple pairs of boots (in an attempt to replace old, worn out ones), new to me-but last season Zara shoes and finally wore my OTK boots more than a few times (hoorah for dry pavement).

I showcased several outfits (maroon leather jacket, tweet + fur coat) and became a Style Ambassador for Clearly Contacts.  I purged my closet big time & had a sale, spent the day at Place d'Oleans thanking shoppers & received an early birthday gift (Vince Camuto & Michael Kors bracelets, yo!).

My family & friends surprised me with an intimate early-birthday celebration, I got super sick with a sinus cold at the end of the month and stood up for #PINKSHIRTDAY with another Clearly Contacts collab.

And the most exciting news of February, Marco and I decided to move in together, found a place and signed a lease.   We shared a special 'first meal' picnic, I showed you my new kitchen--and love for faux leather pants--we furniture shopped (see my outfit here) & I goofed around in our new space.  Can't wait to move in next weekend!

January has come and gone and I'm so pleased because it's the longest, coldest and most depressing month of the year!  We've had no exception here in Ottawa either, we've been averaging temps of -30C (sometimes worse) on the daily and it's awful.  One month closer to summer?  I'm in.

In January I rang in the new year with Marco and friends with some sparkly photo props.  I worked out every weekend, set some resolutions, got a pedicure with Sarah and bought some new shoes.

I had an impromptu date night--and had two margaritas--with my boo, wore non-snow boots for once since it was damn cold but at least it was dry, and threw a baby shower for my best friend.

I went to Izakaya, which wasn't so great, enjoyed the view from my apartment and shared my everyday make up.  I was chosen to be a Style Ambassador for Clearly Contacts (I promise, more is coming on this), did some damage at Marshalls scoring several new workout clothes, tried out matte nail polish and celebrated my Grammy's birthday.

In December I shared my Holiday Lookbook, attended a Christmas party at my grandparents' senior residence and my family surprised Marco with a birthday treat.  I picked up some new shoes, ate more Pho than normal and surprised my Dad with a 60th birthday party.

I shared a video on how-to create a messy French twist, spent an evening with friends celebrating Marco's birthday and took a cupcake decorating workshop with a bunch of girls for a friend's birthday.  I scored some boots I was covetting on sale, got sick with Laryngitis and met a new friend in the elevator of my apartment who made me a knit headband.

I grew out my nails--a Christmas goal--and celebrated Christmas with my family and Marco's.

| CLICK HERE to see every monthly recap I did this year.

In November I filmed a cold weather wear lookbook video (see one of the looks in an outfit post HERE), attended a formal dinner and dance with my boo (and family) and picked up some new shoes.  I got a sweet, impromptu visit from my nephew at work, got my car detailed and tried Sri Lankan food for the first time.

I worked out every weekend, scored some sweet deals at Mexx and more, and got a nice picture of Marco and I during an evening out with friends for a birthday.  I saw definition in my shoulders, back and arms from working out (this is still crazy looking to me, and I don't see this in real life) and showed you how to layer three different ways.

Marco and I took a mini vacation getaway to Mont Tremblant, I got a new iPhone 5S, Peanut celebrated her 14th birthday and I announced my exciting business venture.

Bring on December, it's about to get festive up in hurrrr!

October please don't go.


The longest month is gone and it leaves me dreading what comes next: cold, snow, and more cold.  

While I will get in the Christmas spirit sooner rather than later, I can't help but feel a bit depressed at the long cold winter we have ahead of us.  While I am grateful I live in Canada, I yearn for a warmer climate year 'round.

Enough whining, on to the recap!

In October I took the best photos of myself yet (thank you beginner photography class and 45 minutes of free time), I got a pair of boots lowered and I hosted the #MYVIPNIGHT at Place d'Orleans.  I visited Kingston with my boo, had a second pair of boots lowered and swooned over my almost-three-month-old nephew.  I wore shorts one weekend because it was so mild, celebrated Thanksgiving with family (and filmed a vlog that weekend) and went to the gym every weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  

I enjoyed the beautiful colour of leaves--or at least stood in them and looked down--and swooned over this Bench jacket (which I ended up purchasing the other day!), and did some shopping for my most recent video on Colour Pairings.

I went out for breakfast a few times, shared a Minnie Mouse DIY Halloween costume, had a great lunch at Chuck's and purchased the last Phillip Lim for Target bag (eep!).

Fall is in full swing here in Ottawa and September was a great month.  Marco & I celebrated our one year anniversary, I pulled some boots from my shoe collection that have only seen the outdoors once (a while back) and I took Peanut for a weekend at the beginning of the month.

I shared my workout routine of late, got my hands--finally--on a pair of Romy's from Shoemint and celebrated a girlfriend's birthday.  I ordered and received my new business cards (more on that soon)  and took a photography course to learn how to use a DSLR camera.

I rocked my new camo pants, had some wedge boots shortened and visited with my almost two-month old nephew--who's weighing now at 14 pounds!  I purchased some new boots--Givenchy knock-offs--which I'm obsessed with, went to a party with friends and received flowers from Mel Mac

Sarah and I filmed the BFF Tag video, I filmed a Fall Fashion video for my PDO gig and spent the last Saturday of the month jacket-less while running errands with my man.

I'm a few days late, but before I say hello to September, here's a look back at August...

In August I rocked a romper--twice--for breakfast out with friends.  I photographed my bestie's pregnancy announcement (adorable, right?) and celebrated her birthday with dinner, go-karting, ice cream cake and a huge giraffe.

I bought a new bikini, spent a solid two hours washing my car and shared a cool DIY with a Northern Reflections sweatshirt.  I bought a cow-hide case for my new iPad mini, rocked one of my favourite outfits yet--which was totally a throw-on-and-go type look--and dressed as twinsies, by accident, with my man.

I went to El Camino for the second time, pulled a diva move and had an outfit change that night, went to a rooftop BBQ and stayed fairly consistent hitting the gym.

I rocked my new camo pants for a special evening out and the most important event that takes the cake, my nephew, Bentley, was born and I became an Aunt.

Sometimes you need to go through all your photos to realize what a great month you actually had.  I know sometimes I get bogged down with sad emotions or have bad days, but doing these recaps make me really grateful and appreciative of my life.  We all have things to be grateful for and that brings us joy.  July was an amazing month and even more so now that I look back at it.

In July I went boating with friends, visited a friend's new home where we popped champagne and made gluten-free protein crepes.  I bought a new pair of gym shoes--exciting!--and DIY'ed a mesh overlay skirt.  I made my sister a maternity maxi dress to wear to her shower and hung out at a rooftop pool.

I hosted a baby shower for my sister with mom--where she wore said dress--made the most of weekend nights by dressing up in clothes I can't wear to work (ie. those leather shorts) and conquered box jumps at the gym!

My boyfriend took me to see my second Cirque du Soleil show and gave me an iPad mini.  I bought these single-sole heels I was covetting for months and got my hair done.

Happy Canada Day!  Today I'm off work for our national holiday and spending the day with friends pool-side.  I wanted to share my June recap and tomorrow I'll share my weekend recap.  Hope you have a wonderful day off (if you're Canadian!).

In June I attended the Governor General's Gala, tried a new restaurant in town and my boyfriend surprised me by sending me for a mani/pedi one evening after work.  I went to Rib Fest, got some new kicks and spent a few afternoons and evenings on patios enjoying a cold one.

I took in a beautiful sunset from my apartment (which passed within 10 minutes), taught myself how to do the Crow and went out with my boo.  I picked up some heart-shaped sunglasses for my upcoming PDO vlog (see all my videos for that HERE), celebrated my sister's bump and rocked a pretty floral dress to a house party.

I got my dance on (deja vu, remember this from last summer?), made some new cut-offs out of a thrifted pair of men's denim (see me wearing them HERE | old DIY HERE), wore my side-slit maxi for the first time and the most exciting news of the month, purchased a MacBook Pro!

Other look-backs:
* May

May was a great month and I'm ready to welcome June!

This month I got my new summer tires put on my car, spent a day with Peanut and wore neon & chambray.  I rocked a ton of arm swag (better late than never?), filmed a cool video about what to wear to a summer event (weddings anyone?) and was part of the #PDOPinUpGirls contest

I rocked a faux side shave, bought some Prabal Gurung (for Target) shoes and rocked more mint.  I broke out the Louboutins for the first time this year, visited Kingston with my boo and came home one day to a special surprise waiting in my apartment after work.

I made a cool bracelet (because I couldn't afford the real deal), got silly in glasses for a friend's birthday, left my car at the dealership for almost two weeks (she's back as of last night + thank goodness for warranty) and got my first set of knuckle rings (which I'd prefer to call 'top rings').

Other look-backs:

This past month was fun but also tough because it meant getting back to work after almost two weeks off of work (visiting Toronto and vacationing in Mexico)!  We also experienced a crazy snowstorm in the second and third week (what?!) when we thought we were done with all that silliness.

In April I jumped on board the denim vest trend, did two photoshoots with Place d'Orleans for a contest they are currently running and ran into some car problems (with my new ride; all is well now). 

I decided to see if I could give up Gluten, rocked various combinations of stud earrings (#acoearswag) & a men's chambray-ish shirt.  I made a mint maxi dress, rocked arm parties like nobody's business and started planning my sister's baby shower (she's having a boy!).

I hosted friends for dinner (which made me nervous to cook for four), was featured on a poster at the mall (results of the photoshoot) and did a 300 metre hike to the top at Luskville Falls.

I went without tights, played in my first volleyball tournament (and won gold!), attended a wine & cheese party and welcomed Spring--finally!--with a rooftop BBQ.

Other look-backs:


March has been one of the best months of the last year and I know I said February flew by, but March did as well!

In March I showed you how to turn your too-short maxi dress into a maxi skirt, I filmed more vlogs than ever and also did a kiss-print DIY.  I added some fun summer trends to my wardrobe, went bare-legged and belted a top for the first time in forever (usually I feel this is just so restrictive).

I celebrated my 29th birthday with surprises (a trip to Mexico!), gifts, wonderful meals, a birthday peom and an overall fantastic weekend

Then Sarah and I travelled to Toronto (courtesy of Maybelline) to attend World Mastercard Fashion Week (my first Fashion Week ever).  We attended three shows and toured the city of Toronto over the course of two days.  We visited the CN Tower--I'd never been--which was so cool and drank some fun drinks.

The best part of the month though, was travelling to the Mayan Riviera with my man for a beautiful week in paradise with lots and lots of coconut ice cream (and other great food).

Other look-backs:

February was a busy month and flew by in a snap (I guess being the shortest month does that) but seriously, it feels like just yesterday I was saying, 'I can't believe it's the end of January'.  Needless to say, I'm not complaining, we are just that much closer to summer & warm weather!

This month I wore neons & rocked my new leopard belt, I picked up a few new cases for my phone (pink spike, mint stud, black rhinestone bow & rhinestone skull which isn't shown here but I did show on Instagram) and showed you a few different ways to style three tops for a date.

I learned how to layer my jackets (and shared with you!), bought some stuff from China (that didn't really fit, sadly), and took some outfit shots in my apartment.  I DIY'ed a maxi dress into a skirt & showed my car several times (which I eventually sold).

I received flowers a week before Valentines' Day, wore a skirt after months of just pants & hit the gym 4-5 times every week for five weeks (hello, that's pretty awesome).  Someone special cooked some amazing meals for me, my family surprised me a month early to celebrate my birthday and the best of all, I purchased a new car!

Other look-backs:

January was a great month (despite the frigid temps) and I thought since it's a new year, I would start a new monthly recap at the end of each month; a look back of sorts.

This month I blogged about the year 2012, got my first gel manicure and hung some art in my apartment (finally, and with the help of someone special). 

I DIY'ed a cute sweatshirt, bought some leopard-print ankle booties and got more comfortable with my 'nerd' glasses.  I replaced the second-hand black curtains (that were on lend from my bestie) in my room to metallic silver and frolicked in the snow (correction: stood in the snow and had my picture taken). 

I attended an amazing surf 'n turf dinner (we made a video HERE), ate breakfast at Broadways every weekend and painted my nails a pretty pink.  I wore polka dot pants, re-pierced my third hole, wore a sparkly skirt and shopped the Zara semi-annual sale.  I also picked up a sweet pair of red kicks to take me into Spring.
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