Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

With Halloween approaching, I wanted to share some cool DIY costumes I've come up with.  I will be featuring three different costumes this week and Minnie Mouse is the first!

I have wanted to be Minnie Mouse for a couple of years but never made it happen...until now  This was the perfect opportunity to experiment with making my own costume.  While I actually do own Minnie ears--a treat I convinced my Mom I needed when I was 5 years old visiting Disney World--I've come up with a super simple way to make your own (and are much more comfortable, to be honest).

Additionally, since I didn't have a red-and-white polka dot top, I made one by cutting out white circles of paper and taping them to my top!

You will need:
* Construction paper (black only, as it turns out)
* A headband
* 3 Red pipe-cleaners
* Glue gun
1.  Trace out two large 'ears' from black construction paper.  I used a soup bowl.

2.  Leave a fold-able section at the bottom when you cut your circles; this will be to fold under your headband.

3.  I cut an extra rectangular piece out and taped it to the top of the exposed headband for a cleaner look.

4.  Using three pipe-cleaners, make two triangles and attach them by wrapping the third one around to create a centre piece to your bow.
Get the look at Place d'Orleans:
Faux leather skirt | Ardene
* Supplies | Dollarama
* Top | find simlar at Jacob
* Opaque tights | The Bay

Stay tuned for two more very different DIY Halloween costumes coming this Wednesday and Friday!

* This post is sponsored by Place d'Orleans, the mall I vlog for.  As always, thanks for reading & for supporting my sponsors!  Be sure to check out the Place d'Orleans Facebook page for more information & promotions happening within the mall.



Renee said...

The cutest!!!!
So easy, but yet so creative! And I want to leave work right now to go home and make those ears!

A.Co said...

@Renee: Awww Renée, you're so good to me with the comments! Thanks :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

So cute & fun! :)

LC said...

Great job! Fun, fashionable and tasteful!
Can't wait to see the others!

Ashley Torres said...

OMG you are just the cutest!! Love how clever this is. Also, can we talk about how we've been blogger friends for like 4 years. One day we need to meet!! :)


Anonymous said...

This blog post is miceist. Very hurtful and disrespectful to mouses the world over.

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