Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#febphotoaday Recap

1. your view today   2  words

 3. hands   4. a stranger (okay, fine, she's not exactly a stranger)

 5. 10pm   6. dinner

7. button   8. sun

9. front door(s)  10. self portrait

11. makes you happy   12. inside your closet
 13. blue   14. heart

15. phone   16. something new
 17. time   18. drink

19. something you hate to do   20. handwriting

 21. a fave photo of you   22. where you work

 23. your shoes  24. inside your bathroom cabinet

 25. green   26. night

 27. something you ate   28. money

29. something you're listening to

See the complete list here.

Or check out Twitter for other people's lists.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jessica Simpson blazer (last seen here). H&M dress, Sirens leggings, Aldo booties (last seen here), Pandora, Dynamite & F21 bracelets, Dollarama ring & Walmart multi-'A' necklace

I'm anxious.



Here's why:

I have a hair appointment on Thursday with my old colorist...the same girl that did Mike's hair for many, many years.  Years before she ever did my hair.  Basically, I ruined my hair with a box colour once, prompting it to turn goldfish orange, and she saved my life... er... hair.  And ever since then, we've been living in perfect-hair-colour harmony.  Until Mike and I split.  And then I figured, 'I can't go back's his hair stylist...what will I say?!' (she came to our wedding!).  Even after Mike told me he doesn't go to her anymore, and I went somewhere else that was ridiculously over-priced and the girl turned my hair grey, I still didn't want to go.

However, I bit the bullet.

I called and made an appointment last week.

My appointment is this Thursday.

I'm very anxious.

The reason I'm going back to her though, is because she's amazing.  AH. MAY. ZING.  She gives me the perfect colour blonde, the price is great and I know what to expect (and she knows what I like).

I haven't coloured my hair since September and my roots are killing me.  With a potential seaside vaycay in my near future, I'm determined not to go down south with these roots because while I love the ombré look, I feel like I've missed that bandwagon and I hate jumping on after it's been a trend for over a year (with my luck, I'd likely 'jump on' only for it to be really dated in a month from now).  Plus, I simply love love love being blonde. 

Would a situation like this make you feel anxious?  Am I crazy?  Any tips? 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Turns out I ate a lot this weekend... since my photos don't really give a full weekend recap, I will share that on Friday I went out with some special friends, Saturday I lazed around and then ran errands before having a take-out+movie night in, and Sunday was productive with a big breakfast, errands and a family dinner.  You?

1.  (Casual) Friday's outfit for work.
2.  Friday night dinner: grilled veggies (onion & zuchinni) and chicken on a soft bun with home made sweet potato fries (not shown).
3.  Saturday morning breakfast: banana Nutella crepes (again).
4.  I cut up my first pineapple, ever which also was my 'green' item for my #febphotoaday.
5. & 6.  Sushi lunch with coworkers on Friday.
7.  Saturday night Indian take-out.
8.  Spicy wings at Friday's get together (+ Dance Central for xBox Kinect, not shown).
9. & 10.  Sunday morning breakfast: chicken bacon (a first, and not bad), over-easy eggs, rosemary sweet potato home fries & fruit.
11.  My Grammy gave me three of her china tea cups (I got to choose my favourite three, aren't these beautiful?  And so sentimental, the best part).  
12.  My favourite pup.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Shopping: What I Didn't Buy

I thought it would be kind of fun to share some of the things I didn't purchase. As most of you know, I love to shop (among other things thankyouverymuch) but shopping involves a lot of trial and error and I certainly don't come home with purchases every time. Most of the items below I liked, but didn't love so that means they stay at the store.

This was a quick trip to Winners (similar to TJ Maxx or Ross) on my lunch break one day:
Uknown sweater, $25  |  Calvin Klein top, $30

1.  This sweater was a pale pink and I hated it immediately.

2.  I liked this cK top, it was flattering and felt nice but the colour (taupe and white) aren't my favourite so I passed on it (but looking at it again now, I kind of wish I had purchased it).

Alexander Bartlett, $20  |  Unknown top, $35

3.  I have been seeing a ton of these types of tops for Spring, you know, with cut-out shoulders and at the time of trying on this top, it wasn't evident this was going to be a huge trend and I just felt so-so on the top.  Now, I'm on the hunt to find one (although this isn't the one, despite going back and trying it on again and in green).

4.  I love love love this top.  It pains me that it didn't come home with me.  It was super long in the back, double layered chiffon and oh-so-pretty.  I thought it was nice but was unsure and pressed for time and I passed.  Mistake!  I have since been to four other Winners looking for it and nothing.  So sad. 

Cynthia Rowley, $25  |  Unknown, $20  |  Alexander Bartlett, $25  |  BCBG, $60

5.  The CR skirt was cute, chiffon, and very well draped... except in the back which was pretty unflattering. 

6.  This orangey-red skirt was just awful once I put it on.

7.  I loved this and was convinced it was coming home with me, even after putting it on... until I turned around.  Yikes.  It was not flattering and the white side panels highlighted every bulge.

8.  I really wanted to love this black and nude BCBG number but it was of body-con fabric/material and not flattering in the least (baby bump?  No, simply chub).

Max Studio (by Max Mara), $50 each

9. & 10.  I loved these dresses and loved even more the fact that they were long on me (so rare to find a maxi long enough for someone who is 5'11).  I preferred the green but simply wasn't sold.  Another case of like, but unsure, so I left it (if you don't love it, leave it).

What I wore shopping:  H&M jacket, F21 top, H&M pants, Bamboo boots, Dollarama ring & Suzy necklace


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Onion Bahjis

I never had nor heard of onion bahjis until someone introduced us in the fall.  

They are a traditional Indian....meatball?  If I can get a lil' Italian on you.  

They are made up of onion, cilantro, curry and other delicious stuff and were quite simple to make.  As fate would have it, we got to use a deep fryer (versus using a pan with oil) to cook them which is how they are authentically done and they were to. die. for.  Seriously delish.

Pssst, I used whole wheat flour.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All Pink Everythang

Joe Fresh top (last seen here), Bongo pants (last seen here), Aldo wedges (last seen here), Bijoux Terner necklace, MK watch, Pandora, gifted, PharmaPlus & Mexican bracelets

I am simply astonished by the out-pour of love through comments, tweets and emails you have all sent me with regards to my divorce post.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I'm really feeling the love and support, you are all such wonderful, compassionate people.  I'm so lucky (thank you!).

So yesterday was Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Tuesday!), which is a religious holiday (although I'm not very religious) where you have pancakes for dinner.  That means Lent starts today (from what I understand), where you give something up for 40 days.  A few years ago, for fun (and to see how strong my willpower was), I gave up bagels... and it was pretty easy.  After that year, I never participated again.  I do not want to give up bagels anymore.  Would you give up an indulgence for 40 days? 

 * I used the app Pic Collage to create the photo above.  You can now edit your photos while creating collages, this filter is called, 'Daydream'.  However, I still love Instagram (search: acoest1984) more.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

1. with the fur.
2.  F21 haul.
3.  Persian tea.
4.  Take-out Afghani food (first time for me & loved it).
5.  Simple accessories for moving.
6.  My new (mirrored) iPhone case.
7.  Humble abode.
8.  Lazy Sunday morning.  Love.  This.
9.  Rocking my new thrifted scarf (pink+orange. $1.)
10.  Current obsession: egg-bagel-wiches.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

This or That?

Dynamite top, Bongo pants, Aldo wedge booties | Bumper booties, H&M & F21 necklaces,
 Michael Kors watch & various bracelets

I wasn't planning on posting these photos (ha!  Note the different shoe on different foot?  Ghet-toeee).  I took them one morning before work when debating between the two pairs of booties, hoping seeing it in photos would help me decide.

Do you guys ever really, really want to like something or wear something with your outfit but when you put it on, you know it's just not working?  Same for me with this outfit.  I really wanted to wear the Aldo wedge booties, but ultimately decided on the other ones as they felt more fitted to the outfit.

Which booties would you pick?


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines' Day Outfits: Day & Night

 Gap cardigan, Winners top, Zara pants, Gap wedges, Aldo necklace, Suzy ring, Michael Kors watch, Pandora, Swarovski & PharmaPlus bracelets

Smart Set sweater, Winners skirt, Aldo wedges, Walmart necklace & Pandora bracelet

I'm stuck at home today, sick with an upset stomach so I figured I'd share with you all my outfits from yesterday's Valentines' Day.  I love pink and red together and V-Day is the perfect excuse to rock it without getting those, 'You look like you're dressed for Valentines' Day' comments (got that one a few weeks ago).  

For work I wore my coloured denim Zara pants that I've had for 3+ years (despite coloured denim becoming a big trend now), a flowy top and comfy leopard (although you can't see them) wedges.  For an evening out, I pulled together something ultra girly and snug fitting in thematic colours.

Do you celebrate Valentines' Day?  Do you wear red or pink?  Do you have a favourite V-Day memory?  I'd love to hear.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines' Day Outfit Ideas

As promised, I pulled together some looks for Valentines' Day.  Hopefully this is some kind of help to someone as I really didn't feel like doing this (ha!).  It was late by the time I got home last night, I'd been to the gym, for a (spray) tan and out shopping and running errands.  Playing dress up was the last thing I felt like doing, but I like to keep my word, and in the end, it's good inspiration for me as I would wear each and every one of these looks (...well, maybe not the first one simply because it's so damn tight and that doesn't really work for me lately since I'm obsessed with all things flowy... and I like to eat...).

All of these looks are inexpensive and easy to recreate, with pieces you already have in your closet.  I love the idea of using red and pink together for Valentines' Day, it's so girly and fun, so why not?  Also, don't be afraid to swap out the jeans for black (or grey) pants, a top and skirt for a dress or heels for flats (although I did include one flats option!).  Furthermore, I will be wearing tights with my outfit as I live in a cold climate, so improvise: black opaque, patterned or nude fishnets all work.  Be creative!

Happy Valentines' Day!

1.  Giant Tiger lace top, Smart Set one-sleeved sweater, H&M skirt, A.Co Designs necklace & Joe Fresh pumps
2.  Joe Fresh top, F21 skirt, Sirens belt, Aldo flats, Suzy headband & Walmart necklace
3.  F21 jacket, Love Couture dress/top, Walmart jeans, Joe Fresh necklace & Mitzy pumps
4.  Gap cardigan, F21 top, H&M skirt, Suzy belt, Dollarama hoops & Report Signature heels
5.  Dynamite top, Walmart jeans, Suzy necklace & Guess slingbacks


Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

1. & 2. Hangin' with my favourite 'neice'.
2.  Valentines' Day outfit options (check back tomorrow for some ideas on what to wear).
3.  New magnetic nail polish from Nail Polish Canada (review coming soon).
4.  Chocolate croissants.
5.  New jeans (a brand I haven't worn since high school).
6. & 7.  I finally bought myself some real hair extensions (buy them here)!
8.  Grocery shopping.
9.  Saturday (and Sunday) morning breakfast: flax pita french toast (with real maple syrup).

Are you the winner of the Cutey giveaway?  Find out HERE.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Battling Body Image

I think being a woman often constitutes to having some sort of f'ed up image of our bodies.  With 'perfect' bodies being thrown in our faces everyday (tabloids, advertisements, the 'net, etc.) it's hard not to get a complex sometimes over things that maybe we shouldn't.

While I'm a confident person with fairly high self-esteem, I certainly struggle with body image.  Some days are better, some days are worse.  Some days I'm giving myself a pep-talk in the mirror to redirect my focus to a more positive outlook or trait.  It doesn't always work, which sucks, but I do what I can.  And while I could work out more, I could eat less treats, I don't think having the 'perfect' body will ultimately make me happier (some days I think it would, but c'mon, that's so unrealistic).  I would feel deprived of my favourite things (dessert and free time!) and still think I could look better.  It's like a vicious, never ending cycle.

How do you break the cycle?  For me it's about eating well, working out and taking the time to make myself look good. 

The first two are rational, they make sense, it's obvious.  I try to workout at least three times a week, sometimes this doesn't happen, and that's okay, I'm just conscious of getting a little more daily movement in (parking far away, taking the stairs, etc.). As far as eating goes, I try to eat healthy and keep the treats to a minimum, but that doesn't mean I don't have treat binges every now and again... or weekly (oh chocolate & pie how you are my nemesis). 

The last one is a little more superficial, but it works.  If I look good, it often results in feeling good so it's a doubly pay off.  For me, having a bit of a glow via spray tan makes me feel good about myself, as well as wearing something I love.  Now, for all you 'I-tan-easily-girls', you can just be quiet, but if you're a self-proclaimed-almost-albino like yours truly, you know what I'm talking about.  A glow is (sadly, IMO) infinitely prettier (on myself) than my regular pasty skin... and it combats fat days too.  Two birds.  Ha. 

As far as wearing something I love, you all know that I'm a huge sale shopper and while money can buy you really nice things, it's creativity that dictates wicked personal style.  Creativity is not expensive (case in point).  Work with what you've got, and if you need some wardrobe sprucing I suggest hitting the thrift store before the regular store and get yourself some inexpensive, unique finds.

I wish I could say everyday I wake up and go, 'I love my body! I feel good! Everyday I feel gerrr-reat!' but, such is not the case.  Some days I need to convince myself and but mainly I just need to accept myself.  Acceptance is the first way to learn to love yourself, which although not an easy task, something you can work on everyday.  When I'm having a 'fat day' (we all have them, right?), I try to shift my focus onto a body part I like.  If that doesn't work, repeating in the mirror, 'I look good.  I look good.  I look good...' until you believe it might work (I know, it sounds a little crazy right, but don't knock it till you try it!).

How do you accept your body 'flaws'?  I'd love to hear your tricks.

(Image via WeHeartIt)

Friday, February 10, 2012


 Donna Mizani Spaghetti Tulip Maxi Dress, $487

Beautiful dress.  Price?  Ouch.

(Found via RamShackleGlam)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recent Eats

1.  Rolled oats with dried cranberries, milk & ground flax seed
2.  'Healthy' Grilled Cheese (made in the oven on 12-grain bread, no butter and real marble cheese)
3.  Honey-garlic grilled chicken, kidney bean salad with feta & boiled cauliflower

1.  Scrambled egg (whites) with broccoli, onion & cheese
2.  Baked salmon, quinoa & broccoli/carrots
3.  Chicken Kiev (from a box!) and a spring mix salad
4.  Grilled chicken, quinoa topped with black beans & a spring mix salad

1.  Mini Eggs &vanilla frozen yoghurt
2.  Yoghurt, Kashi GoLean Crunch & raspberries
3.  Cottage cheese with mixed frozen berries
4.  Vanilla yoghurt with crushed Crispy Crunch chocolate bar on top

1.  Avocado
2.  Grilled chicken, black bean salad with feta & mashed sweet potato
3.  Raw almonds
4.  Home made felafel

1.  12-grain bagel with low-fat peanut butter (Kraft is my fave) & ground flax sprinkled on top
2.  Breakfast at the Hilton (buffet):  Scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, grilled veggies & milk (my fave!)
3.  Easy microwave egg-white omelet with a peppermint tea (frequently my daily Monday-Friday breakfast)
4.  12-grain bagel with peanut butter and a steeped tea (two milk, one sugar)

1.  Fried egg 12-grain bagel sandwich with grape tomatoes, marble cheese & spinach
2.  Low-fat cottage cheese with cinnamon
3.  Tuna melts with avocado on top

1.  Spring mix salad with grape tomatoes, feta and whatever else I threw in there
2.  Carrots & hummus

1.  'Healthy Fish & Chips': baked salmon with garlic & cilantro with home made sweet potato baked fries
2.  Bacon, eggs & grilled potatoes
3.  Tuna, mayo & cubed cheese (what!? I didn't feel like cooking)
4.  Meatloaf & baby carrots

1.  Purchased roast beef salad with tomato, hard boiled egg, mayo & lettuce
2.  Breakfast wrap from the caf at my work (eggs, bacon, a hashbrown, lettuce & tomato in a whole wheat wrap.  Oh.  Ya.)
3.  Spring mix salad with dried cranberries, unsalted sunflower seats, feta cheese, grape tomatoes and ground flax (no dressing)
4.  'Gourmet' hot dogs (wrapped in a flax seed pita with mustard, swiss cheese & then I added spinach) with veggies 'n dip

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