Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seasonal Quick Fix

Winter White

I certainly have a few white dresses hanging in my closet that only get play during the summer time.  Around this time of year, when winter has started to drag on, I often day dream about sporting my summer stuff, including white dresses, denim jackets, gladiator sandals and no tights.  A great way to bring some summery attitude to these cold months is through your clothing by winterizing your more summery gear.  Throw in some tights, a chunky knit scarf and over-the-knee boots and your golden.



Jan said...

I love winterizing summer dresses. It makes me feel like I have 50% more in my wardrobe. Great look! :)

Isabel said...

the most important thing is staying warm!

Jamie said...

I have a few white dresses that have been beginning to come out and play. Sorry, didn't mean to rub in the sunny weather :( And YES those wedges ARE similar with a MUCH friendlier price!!

Valerie said...

I've been dreaming about summer dresses and sandals lately too (I'll blame the warm weather). But it won't last forever and when it gets colder again I'll definitely be layering my denim jacket and infinity scarves over summer dresses.


i love mochi said...

what excellent layering ideas. such a fabulous blog, i am your newest follower =)

modern.girl said...

loooove this combo. jean jacket and white tank is the best!


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